Soapstone Box, Heart Chakra Set


Beautiful little soapstone box filled with crystals for your Heart Chakra.

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Heart Chakra Set includes:

1 soapstone box (green) is 2" round and 1-1/2" high
1 Palo Santo stick
1 small bag of white sage (0.1 oz)

Heart Chakra Crystals:

Rose Quartz
Green Aventurine

Rose Quartz: The “love stone” opens the heart, increases self-acceptance, self-love and the ability to love others. It soothes heartaches and brings peace, compassion and kindness. It is also said to ease transitions. As a healing stone, it emits a calming, cooling energy which can work on all of the chakras to gently remove negativity.

Chrysocolla: This stone is gentle, soothing and helps to alleviate tension and promote acceptance and tolerance. Excellent for the heart centre to allow flexibility, self-forgiveness, peace and patience. Also for the throat centre, to express feelings and verbal/artistic creativity.

Rhodonite: As a healing stone, it helps calm the soul, express confidence and put the opinions of others in perspective. Also an excellent protective stone.

Green Aventurine: Is a positive stone of prosperity and is said to promote tranquility, positive attitudes, health and well-being. Also encourages creativity and courage.

Before you start working with crystals and gemstones, they should be cleansed. There are several ways to cleanse crystals, the ones I use most frequently are:

1. Move your crystal back and forth through the smoke of burning sage (or piece of Palo Santo)
2. Place your crystal on a slab of Selenite for a few hours
3. Use Tingsha bells to cleanse the crystals through sound

These crystals are natural so please allow for any imperfections. I will intuitively select the pieces for you


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