White Sage bundle, Large, 5-6"



Large bundle of white sage, approximately 5-6" long. 1-1/2-2" wide. Perfect for smudging and/or cleansing any space. Very fragrant white sage.

Also available: Sage bundle with larger abalone shell (approximately 5-6" wide).

** See shipping note below **

For smudging: Hold a flame up to the end of the sage bundle (or light a small piece of loose sage) until smoke appears. If the flame catches, gently wave or blow out the flames so that just the smoke remains. Move around the space you wish to cleanse and gently sweep the bundle ensuring that the smoke is directed tin to each corner and around each doorway and window of the space (or use a feather with loose sage in a shell or dish). Hold a shell or small dish under the bundle of sage so that no hot embers fall onto the floor or carpet and cause any damage.

Once finished, extinguish your bundle by either placing the smoldering end into a dish of sand or salt, press the end into the dish or shell or run water over the end and let it dry.

Never leave burning sage unattended.

If a shell is purchased, please note that it may not be exactly as shown. Each shell is unique.


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Very satisfied with my purchase! Smudge my house and it was smoky just the way I wanted to be. Very cute kit.

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