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Whether you are staring your own crystal collection, adding to it, or looking for a gift for a crystal lover - this little treasure chest is
sure to be a wonderful addition. The chest itself is 3"x 2" x 2" and is filled with one each of:

AMAZONITE (Calming): As a healing stone, Amazonite is considered to be a calming stone believed to dispel negative energy and improve confidence.

AMETHYST (Peace/Healing): Known for its healing powers, it has the ability to attract spiritual energies and calm restless thoughts. Because it provides peace of mind, it is a good stone for meditation and to promote serene dreams.

BLACK OBSIDIAN ARROWHEAD (Protection): This stone helps to reveal the obstacles that prevent one from seeing the truth in a situation and within one’s self. This powerful stone promotes strength, compassion, clarity and self-control. It stimulates growth, provides protection from negativity and eliminates emotional blockages.

BLOODSTONE (Revitalization): Bloodstone is one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind. It helps us live in the “here and now”. It helps to eliminate confusion and enhances decision making. As a healing stone it has been used to calm, ground, revitalize & reduce emotional stress.

BLUE LACE AGATE (Communication): As a healing stone blue lace is one of the key stones for releasing blockages of the throat and is considered the peaceful communication stone. Stimulates the expression of what we feel in the heart and think in the mind. It can ease the harsh edge of communication.

CARNELIAN (Energy Booster): It is a powerful motivation stone and has been called the “self-esteem stone”. It promotes ambition, confidence and happiness. It brings serenity and stability. Boosts energy which helps enhance creativity.

CITRINE (Clear Thought): Clarifies our thoughts making it easier to find a sense of direction in life. Builds self-worth, optimism and cheerfulness by dissolving negative energies. Carrying the power of the sun, it is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. It is also believed that the yellow colour promotes creativity.

CLEAR QUARTZ (Power): Known as the master stone, it helps with concentration and increases awareness, inspiration and creativity. Helps to purify spiritually, mentally and physically. Can also bring an aurora of protection. It also has the power to regulate energy. It has special characteristics of storing, amplifying and transmitting thoughts and energy.

GREEN AVENTURINE (Prosperity): Aventurine is a positive stone of prosperity and is said to promote tranquility, positive attitudes, health and well-being. Also encourages creativity and courage.

LEPIDOLITE (Releases Tensions): Lepidolite encourages independence and offers freedom from outside influence, mental dependency and addictions. It releases stress and promotes inner peace and restful sleep. It balances heart with mind. Also known as a stability stone.

MOONSTONE (Receptivity): As a healing stone, it enhances intuitive sensitivity, relieves anxiety and stress and reduces the tendency to over-react emotionally. It softens the ego, attracts harmony and increases receptivity and awareness. It is the emotional healer.

PYRITE (Practicality): It is believed that possession of pyrite attracts money. Some use Pyrite to stimulate the intellect and enhance recall of information. It helps to overcome fatigue and increases stamina that aids in materializing concepts.

ROSE QUARTZ (Love / Soothes): The “love stone” opens the heart, increases self-acceptance and the ability to love others. It soothes heartaches and brings peace, compassion and kindness. It is also said to ease transitions

TIGER EYE (RED) (Optimism): Red Tiger Eye enhances vitality and can help to acquire healthy habits. It brings out self-confidence and is associated with the correct use of power and courage. It is thought to provide motivation and stimulation.

Before you start working with crystals and gemstones, they should be cleansed. There are several ways to cleanse crystals, the ones I use most frequently are:

1. Move your crystal back and forth through the smoke of burning sage (or piece of Palo Santo)
2. Place your crystal on a slab of Selenite for a few hours
3. Use Tingsha bells to cleanse the crystals through sound
4. They can also be left out in the moonlight (especially on a full moon to charge them). However do not keep them too long in the sunlight as over time some crystals may lose their vibrant colour.

These crystals are natural so please allow for any imperfections. Pieces may not be as shown, I will intuitively select the pieces for you.

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Beautiful stones come in an attractive little box, doesn't take up too much space, I love it!

Mom loved it! Thx much

Beautiful set and amazing crystals, lovely energy. Shipped quickly, packaged with care. Thank you! I will use this shop again.

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