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Pick your own wildcrafted herbs! Perfect for creating a starter kit, topping up your existing supplies or trying out new herbs.

Herbs available are listed below. Not all herbs are shown - if you would like a picture, please let me know.

Please note that we are experiencing shipping delays due to COVID-19. Some shipments to the USA seem to be arriving on time, others are taking a few weeks or more. International orders seem to be experiencing longer delays. Please know that we are shipping everything as quickly as we can to cut down on those delays. Thank you in advance for your understanding and stay safe!

Please DO NOT duplicate – select one of each item only. Not all are shown in the pictures. I am constantly updating - if you would like a picture of one not shown, please message or email me at gratitudeandmore [!at] gmail.com and let me know what you'd like to see.

These herbs are perfect for spell work, mojo bags, and general magick.

Each bag is 5 grams (except the Himalayan salt, which has more)

Agrimony (herb cut)
Angelica (root cut)
Anise Seed (whole)
Arnica ** Safety: All arnica species are toxic, even in small doses. Use of this herb is limited to topical applications.
Ashwagandha (root cut)
Astragalus (root cut)
Basil (leaves cut)
Bay (leaves whole)
Bee Pollen granules
Beeswax (Pellets )
Benzoin (powder)
Birch (leaves cut)
Black Cohosh (root, cut)
Black copal (resin)
Black Pepper (whole)
Black Walnut (leaves cut)
Bladderwrack (cut)
Blessed Thistle (herb cut)
Boneset (herb cut)
Buckwheat (hull, whole)
Burdock (root cut)
Calamus (herb cut)
Calendula (flower whole)
Caraway (seed whole)
Cascara (bark cut)
Catnip (leaves cut)
Cats claw (bark cut)
Chamomile (flowers whole)
Charcoal Tablets
Chickweed (herb cut)
Chinese Skullcap (herb cut)
Chrysanthemum (flower whole)
Cinnamon (bark chips)
Cleavers (herb cut)
Clove (whole)
Coltsfoot (herb cut)
Comfrey Root (leaves cut)
Cramp Bark cut
Damiana (leaves cut)
Dandelion (leaves cut)
Dandelion (root cut)
Dandelion Root Roasted (cut)
Devils Claw (root cut)
Don Quai (root cut)
Dragon’s blood (resin)
Echinacea (leaves cut)
Elder berries (whole)
Elder Flower (whole)
Eucalyptus (leaves cut)
Eyebright (herb cut)
Fennel seed (whole)
Fenugreek (leaves cut)
Fenugreek (seeds whole)
Frankincense & Myrrh (resin blend)
Frankincense (resin)
Goat's Rue (herb cut)
Ginger Root (cut)
Ginko (herb cut)
Ginseng, Siberian (cut)
Golden Pine (resin)
Golden Rod (herb cut)
Gotu Kola (leaves cut)
Hawthorn berry (whole)
Hawthorn flowers & Leaves (cut)
Heather flowers (whole)
Hibiscus pieces (flower cut)
Himalayan Salt - Course
Himalayan Salt - Fine
Hops flower (whole)
Horehound (Leaves cut)
Horsetail (Shavegrass) (cut)
Hyssop (herb cut)
Icelandic Moss (cut)
Irish Moss (cut)
Jasmine (flower whole)
Jobs Tears
Juniper Berries (whole)
Lavender (whole)
Lemongrass (cut)
Lemon Balm (herb cut)
Lemon peel (cut)
Licorice Root (root cut)
Linden (flower cut)
Lovage (root cut)
Marshmallow - Leaves (cut)
Marshmallow - Root (cut)
Meadowsweet (herb cut)
Milk Thistle (herb cut)
Motherwort (herb cut)
Mugwort (herb cut)
Mullein (leaves cut)
Mustard Seed - Black (whole)
Myrrh (resin)
Nettle (leaves cut)
Oatstraw (herb cut)
Olive (leaves cut)
Orange Peel (cut)
Orris Root (powder)
Pau d'arco (bark cut)
Palo Santo (wood chips)
Palo Santo (resin)
Parsley Flakes
Parsley (root cut)
Passion flower (cut)
Patchouli (leaves cut)
Patchouli (resin)
Peppermint (leaves cut)
Plantain (leaves cut)
Poppy seed (blue, whole)
Raspberry (leaves cut)
Red Clover flower (whole)
Reishi Mushroom powder
Red Rose Petals
Rosehips (whole)
Rosemary (leaves cut)
Sage (white sage, loose leaves)
Sandalwood (resin)
Shepherds Purse (herb cut)
Slippery Elm (bark cut)
Solomon's Seal (root cut)
Spearmint (leaves cut)
Star Anise (whole)
St. John’s wort (herb cut)
Thyme (leaves cut)
Tulsi, Holy Basil (leaves cut)
Uva Ursi (leaves cut)
Valerian (root cut)
White Oak (bark cut)
White Willow (bark cut)
Wild Cherry (bark cut)
Wild Yam (root cut)
Witch Hazel (leaves cut)
Wormwood (herb cut) ** Safety: Wormwood depresses the nervous system. Talk to your physician. Never use while pregnant.
Yarrow (flower cut)


According to Etsy's Medical Drug Claims policy, merchants are not allowed to share the medicinal use of their products. These herbs are not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness. I strongly encourage you to research any herb/botanical before ingesting, especially if you are currently taking any medications. Some herbs can have a serious, sometimes fatal, interactions with medicine - ALWAYS consult with a qualified healthcare provider before using any herbal products.

If you have any questions, please message me or send me an email, I would be happy to help you however I can.

Keep herbs and incense away from children and pets.


When burning charcoal discs, do not touch the disc (tablet) once it is lit. Do no attempt to move the charcoal or the charcoal burner. Once the charcoal tablet is ignited both the tablet and the burner will be hot and will burn you. Never leave burning charcoal, sage, incense or herbs unattended. Use with proper air ventilation.

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I love the things that are sold.. prompt timing…

Love it! Just enough to make my tea again. Only person I could find that had everything I was looking for.

Absolutely amazing per usual! Always impressed by the speed of shipping and the high quality of packaging. 100% recommend and will always buy from here

AMAZING! I ordered 30 herbs and they all came packaged beautifully and look amazing and its a great amount of product for each. As well i got a crystal gift with it which couldn’t be more perfect for me as it is Mookaite which is for helping accept change and the moving forward in life and fortify the immune system which is exactly what i need help with in life right now and i even whispered “witchcraft” when i read it and had to have a little laugh, i think you might be a mind reader! I 100% recommend and will be buying again in the future! So happy :)

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